Online Check-in Issues

If you aren't able to check in online, don't worry: you can always get your boarding passes free of charge at the airport on the day of your flight.

Cases in which you have to go to the counter to get a boarding pass:

  • Minors flying without an adult companion from any Italian airport
  • Passengers flying with a pet
  • Passengers who have booked an extra seat
  • Passengers with a pending payment or a price lock
  • Passengers whose resident status could not been validated online. In this case, you must go to the airport in sufficient time and show your documentation at our desks. You can also call our Customer Services Centre and we will help you validate your details.
  • Passengers flying with sporting arms
  • Passengers who require verification of the payment card holder's identity.
  • Passengers with additional documents (vaccination certificates, forms, etc.) that have not been checked
  • What's more, all the free random seats may have run out when you check in online, so you would have to pay to book a seat in order to get your boarding passes. Otherwise, on the day of departure you will have to go to the check-in desk in sufficient time to collect your boarding passes and be allocated a free seat.
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