Boarding Passes

You can get your boarding pass in three ways:

  1. By checking in online through our website or app. Then, you can print out your boarding passes or save them on your mobile. You can also use your computer to download them and print them off from the Manage your booking section. With the Fly and Fly Grande bundles you can check in and get your boarding passes once you have completed your booking.
  2. By going to the check-in desk on the day of the flight and showing your personal documentation (Travel Document or Passport depending on the destination of your flight). There you can check in your baggage and get your boarding pass free of charge.
  3. Vueling automatic check-in machines are at your disposal at Barcelona, London (Gatwick) and Paris (Orly) airports. There you can get your boarding passes on the day of your flight and check in your baggage.

With your boarding pass, you can go straight to the security check and boarding gate. Don't forget you must be at the boarding gate at least 40 minutes before departure.


* If you made your booking with our Basic, Optima, Family or TimeFlex fares, please check the policy that applies to you. 

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