Food on our planes

Carrying food in hand luggage
* Solid food only allowed on board the plane if it meets the established size requirements for hand luggage (max. 40x20x30 cm) or 10 kg bag (55x40x20 cm) if you have booked it. You just have to take into account the restrictions on carrying liquids.
* We recommend packing them properly to prevent damage or accidents.
* If you are travelling with a baby, inside your hand luggage you can carry all the food your baby will need for the journey (without exceeding the hand luggage allowance: 55x40x20 cm and 10 kg), including baby food or purées. It can be carried in containers holding more than 100 ml and which do not have to be sealed.
Carrying food in checked baggage
If you intend to carry food in your checked baggage, we recommend that they are vacuum packed.
If you are carrying bulky food, such as a leg of ham, make sure that it does not exceed the permitted check-in measurements.

You must take into account that the destination country may prohibit certain types of food to prevent the spread of diseases. We recommend that you check the relevant legislation in the destination country to find out whether there is a restriction on certain foods. Vueling shall not be held liable for the food control performed at the departure and destination airports.
Additional information
The European Commission establishes control measures through Regulation EC 206/2009 for all animal products from non-member countries. As a general rule, it is prohibited to bring animal products, meat, dairy products, etc. into the EU, save those exceptions set out in the aforementioned Regulation.

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