Flexibility Products

We offer you flexibility*  so you can book with confidence.

Flex Pack

If you choose the Fly or Fly Light bundles, you'll be able to add Flex Pack, a service that offers you several options: cancel your booking up to 48 hours before departure and save the amount as flight credit, or change your flight you won't have to pay the change fee).


Bring Your Flight Forward service

Thanks to this service, you can swap your flight for an earlier one that departs the same day, providing there are seats available. It is free with Fly Grande or if you are a Premium customer and you can do it through our app or at the airport ticket office.


Change to a later fligh

With the Fly Grande bundle or if you are a Premium customer, you can change to a later flight on the same day for free. You can make this change via our mobile app.


You can find more information on our Flexibility and Changes page.


* If you made your booking with our Basic, Optima, Family or TimeFlex fares, please check the policy that applies to you.

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