Hand Luggage Allowance (Cabin bags allowance)

If you want to know what you can bring on board with you in Vueling, here we inform you about the cabin bag size and dimensions allowed, depending on your fare.

Fly Light bundle (internacional flights)

Basic, Optima and Family fares (domestic flights in Spain)

Fly* or Fly Grande bundle (internacional flights)
TimeFlex Fare
(domestic flights in Spain)

Premium customers or passengers travelling with infants

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1 free underseat cabin bag size (40x30x20 cm)

Option of carrying a piece of luggage in the overhead locker by adding the 2 pieces in cabin service (one bag for each passenger in the booking is added) or choosing Space One or Space Plus seats.


1 free underseat cabin bag size (40x30x20 cm) + 1 piece of luggage in the overhead locker (55x40x20 cm)



*If you select this luggage option


If you want to see the luggage included in your booking, we can resend the confirmation email for you to check all the details.



- If you book the 2 pieces of luggage service through our digital channels, it will be added for all passengers in the booking. If you want to book it per passenger, you will have to call our Customer Service Centre or book it at the airport (subject to availability). You also have the option to to book flights separately for each passenger through our digital channels. Prices vary according to the booking.

- If at the boarding gate your underseat cabin bag exceeds the permitted size (40x20x30 cm), it will be checked in at a cost of up to EUR 75.

- If at the boarding gate any piece of luggage exceeds 55x40x20 cm, you will have to check it in at a cost of up to EUR 140.

- This check-in fee will also apply at the boarding gate to all the pieces of luggage that have not been booked in advance.

- Luggage already booked cannot be changed or cancelled.


Our Fly Light, Fly and Fly Grande bundles only apply to bookings of international flights made on or after 30 January 2024. If you book before this date and/or you fly within Spain, Basic, Optima, Family or TimeFlex fares apply.

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