Extra Seat

You can book the Extra Seat service if you wish to enjoy more space and privacy, if you're travelling with a musical instrument or have a plaster cast, for instance.

The Extra Seat will always be adjoining the seat allocated to you for the flight and you can book it for any area of the plane (except emergency exits).

Larger passengers can also request a double space to fly by booking an extra seat while purchasing the flight through our website.

If you have a plaster cast and cannot bend your knee, in addition to the seat in which you will be travelling, you will have to book two adjoining seats through Customer Services. Remember: stretchers are not allowed on board.

How do I book an extra seat?

When you book your flight:
Select the “Extra seat” option at the bottom of the website search engine


After booking:
Call our Customer Services Centre (you will find the telephone numbers at the bottom of the page)

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