Flying with children and infants

Because flying with children and babies is easier than it looks, we've prepared a simple guide that will help make your journey more comfortable. 

Flying with babies (7 days to 2 years old)

Seat and ticket

Babies travel on the accompanying adult's lap and need their own boarding pass, which you can get by checking in online or at the check-in desk at the airport. Don't forget to include them in your booking. To travel more comfortably, you can book a separate seat for your baby. If you decide to do that, you must bring a car seat approved for use on a plane to place on the seat next to you (max. width: 44 cm) and make the booking through Customer Services. The purchase of an additional seat is compulsory when one adult is travelling with two infants.


On domestic flights in Spain, passengers under 2 years of age who are Spanish or residents in Spain are exempt from carrying identity documents providing they are included in the same booking as the adults accompanying them. In any case, it is always advisable to carry these documents if you have them.

However, on international flights, infants must have their own documentation.

Go to the page on Travel Documentation to see each country's regulations on documentation for minors.

Hand luggage and checked luggage

Regardless of the fare you choose, if you are travelling with an infant under the age of 2 you can take a 10 kg cabin bag (max. 55x40x20 cm) and a 5 kg bag for baby items: blanket, toys, food, water, etc. 

The capacity of the food container can be more than 100 ml and does not need to be sealed. Make sure that the food you bring for the children does not need to be heated on the plane, as it may not achieve the desired temperature. You can heat it at home and take it in a thermos.

You can also check in up to 2 items of infant luggage free of charge: pushchair, cradle, cot or Group 0+ car seat. This excludes other baby car seats, which must be checked in as special baggage at an additional cost.


Group 0+ car seat


Group 1, 2 and 3 car seats

Check-in, security and boarding

There is a special check-in desk at our main airports for families who book the Family Fare. Some have a priority security lane for families with children.

And families travelling with infants have priority boarding on all our flights.


For your convenience, you can take the pushchair to the boarding gate and we will check it in for you. Bear in mind that at some airports, such as Barcelona, ​​pushchairs are collected at special luggage carousels, not the ones where you usually collect the rest of the luggage.

If you're travelling with a folding pushchair that meets the hand luggage size requirements (max. 55x45x20 cm and 10 kg), you'll be able to bring it into the cabin. If you decide to do that, you'll have to check in your hand luggage free of charge.

On the plane

The specific seats for travelling with infants aged up to 2 years are equipped with two oxygen masks.

As you board the plane our on-board staff will give you some recommendations and a special seatbelt for the baby that must be attached to your own. They will also give you a special lifejacket for infants.

You can book a seat for the infant through our Customer Services Centre. Bear in mind that you must bring an approved baby seat (max. width: 44 cm).

Flying with children (2 to 15 years old)

Seat and ticket

Children must have their own seat and can check in online. Remember, on flights departing from the UK, minors under 16 years of age have a discount on taxes. You can check all the information about the documentation on minors and each country's regulations on this page.

The system will always try to keep passengers in the same booking together, but this is not always possible due the number of seats occupied on the plane. Therefore, if you haven't chosen a seat and wish to sit next to your child, we advise you to check in online as early as possible (please note that you can do so from 7 days before departure). You can also check in at the airport: we'll try to allocate you a seat next to your child, though this is subject to availability so we cannot guarantee it.

Hand luggage and checked luggage

Children can travel with the same luggage allowance as adults. Check more information on our luggage page


If the child still needs a pushchair, you can check it in at no extra cost.

If you need to bring a car seat, you'll need to check it in as special luggage, at an additional cost.

Bear in mind that at some airports, such as Barcelona, ​​pushchairs are collected at special luggage carousels, not the ones where you usually collect the rest of the luggage.


If you choose the Family Fare, you can use our exclusive check-in desks that are available at our main airports.

Remember that some airports have a priority security lane for families with small children.

On the plane

If the child is aged over 2, they will have their own seat on the plane and will use the seatbelt like an adult.

Children aged 24 to 36 months can also fly in their approved car seat.

For safety reasons, it is not possible to travel with a booster seat.

Other cases

If the minor is considered an infant (up to 23 months old) on the outbound flight and a child (between 2 and 15 years old) on the return flight, the outbound ticket and the return ticket must be purchased separately.

More amenities

Our aircraft are equipped with a special area for changing babies during the flight.

Remember you can carry your child's snack in your hand luggage or you can choose our children's menu, created specially for them.

Don't forget to carry your child's toys, books, tablet or portable gaming device inside your hand luggage. As a courtesy to the other passengers, don't forget to bring headphones!

The best way to avoid children experiencing discomfort due to changes in pressure is to give them a dummy or bottle during the flight.

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