Request Vueling Invoice

Flights and services invoice

You can request an invoice for your bookings and for the services you taken out with Vueling via Request an invoice. Just enter your details and we'll send the invoice to you within 48 hours, at the email you provide. 

If you require an invoice for your company, add the name of the company in the Name and Surname fields on the form (e.g. Name: Vueling, Surname: SA), and the company's tax ID number in the Tax ID Number field.

If the invoice information is incorrect or you made a mistake when entering the details, please re-submit your request and we'll send you the rectified invoice. Currently, invoices can only be made out to natural persons, but you will soon be able to request an invoice made out to a business or company.

You can also request an invoice via the Manage your Booking menu on our website.

If you want a Price Lock invoice, you can also get one on our website.

Payment receipt

If you require a payment receipt for information purposes only, you can get one immediately through the "Preview" option when filling out the details.

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