Fly with my Pet

You can include a pet in the booking when you purchase the flight. If you already have a booking and you want to add your pet, please call our Customer Services Centre. This service has the following features:

  • Your pet will travel with you on board the plane. Only one pet is allowed per person and a maximum of 5 pets per flights in the cabin of the plane; animals cannot be carried in the plane's cargo hold. Only 2 pets per flight are allowed on flights operated by Iberia.
  • Your pet must travel in an approved, non-rigid pet-carrier (max. 45x39x21 cm and 8kg with the pet inside). 


  • If the pets are cats or dogs, you can carry up to a maximum of 2 in the same carrier, as long as they are of the same species and/or litter and do not exceed the permitted weight and size.

Which animals are allowed?

  • You can carry on board with you: dogs, cats, birds (excluding birds of prey) and turtles/tortoises.
  • Cats and dogs need to be microchipped and have a passport issued by a vet certifying the vaccination record, including the rabies vaccination, at least 21 days before the flight.
  • Animals not permitted: rodents, rabbits, ferrets, farm animals, birds of prey, fish and reptiles. Any other animal not specified as permitted, whether dead or alive (including rhino horns, ivory products, etc.), may not be transported and will be considered illegal animal trafficking.
  • The only pets allowed on flights operated by GetJet or AirHub are cats and dogs.
  • Vueling is entitled to reject all animals whose special characteristics (unpleasant smell, poor health, inadequate hygiene or violent conduct) may cause distress or danger to fellow passengers.
  • Important: This service is not available on flights to/from the UK and Iceland.
  • If you are travelling to/from Ireland, as well as the documents listed above, you will need:
    • EU or Schengen countries: Tapeworm treatment.
    • Rest of countries: Tapeworm treatment, blood test showing the treatment was effective, and send an email to informing about your pet.

Please note...

  • You can fly with your pet providing you choose Vueling's Fly Light bundle or Iberia's Basic fare.
  • On the day of your flight, you must go to the check-in desk to have a seat allocated, get your boarding card and receive instructions on flying with your pet.
  • During the flight, your pet must travel on the floor, under the seat in front of you
  • You must not take your pet out of the pet carrier until you have disembarked.
  • You must carry your pet's immunisation record and, in the case of international flights, its passport (ask your vet about how to get one).
  • If you made your booking with our Basic, Optima, Family or TimeFlex fares, please check the policy that applies to you.

Assistance dogs

Travelling with a pet is not the same as travelling with an assistance dog. If you are travelling with the latter, all the information you need is explained in the Animal Transport section on our website.

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