Free Random Seat Assignments

If you're travelling with the Fly Light bundle, you can choose not to select a seat during the purchasing process. In that case, we will allocate you a free random seat when you check in online, which will be available between 7 days and 24 hours before departure (you can check it at check-in).


Please bear in mind that there is a limited number of random seats available when you check in online. If there are no random seats left, you'll need to go to the check-in desk on the day of the flight to be allocated one free of charge.

Vueling's system will always try to keep passengers in the same booking together, but depending on availability, this is not always possible. Therefore, if you haven't chosen a seat and wish to sit next to the other passengers in your booking, we advise you to check in online as soon as possible, or pay for a seat


*If you made your booking with our Basic, Optima, Family or TimeFlex fares, please check the policy that applies to you. 

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