Premium Customer Qualifications

Fly with us 40 times a year, or book 20 return flights, and you'll become a Premium customer and enjoy plenty of great benefits:

* Special customer service channel
* Double Avios
* One flight per year for two people at 50% discount
* Exclusive check-in desks at all of our airports
* Fast-track (at security control)
* Hand luggage on board and priority boarding
* Same-day time change

"Flight" means any journey from the origin to the final destination, even if there are stopovers on the way. That means that a flight with a connection counts as 1 single flight, and a return flight counts as 2 flights to reach the Premium level.

For example, a return flight from Madrid to Brussels, with connection in Barcelona, counts as 2 flights.

When you're close to becoming Premium, we'll send you an email a month before telling you the number of flights you need to reach the level. Flights purchased with Avios also count towards reaching this level. Within a month of becoming a Premium customer, you will receive an email with a 50% discount code valid for two people that you can enter during the booking process. If you don't receive this email, please check your Spam folder and if it's not there, call Customer Services.

In order to enjoy all the benefits of being a Premium customer, don't forget to show your virtual card, which is available on the Vueling app.

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